Jul 26, 2009

Hey dearies! We're currently back from our long break overseas. Sorry for the long hiatus!
The bad news is we wont be updating for a while.
The good news is we will be revamping the blog and hope to provide u fashionistas with better service :)
Stay tuned. xoxo

Jul 6, 2009

A one piece ruffled top! Perfect for work, dinner or a day out!

Pretty floral dress. Perfect for dates and dinner ;)

Polka top! Cute :D

Christian Louboutin Inspired Boots! Available in white & black. Feeling that your outfit is tad plain? Just jazz it up with this rocking heels! ;P
Studded top or dress. Very versatile :)

Blue vest. Very unique details. Perfect for any occasion.

Floral Zipper Dress. Vintage style
Coco Goddess, RM65

Polka dress! Too cute to resist ;p

Jul 1, 2009

Sorry for MIA babes! Been caught up with assignments. Anyways, updates ;p

Femmebyje, RM20

Cute skull motifs! Absolutely affordable as well.

The Walk In Closet, RM89.90

Leopard print maxi dress! Perfect for dinner and parties. Hot.

A Season In Summer, RM38

Star Studded top in black. Rock chic style. Just pair it off with a pair of shorts and you're free to roam anywhere u want to!

Sweet Toothsome, RM38

Knitted top. Perfect overalls when wearing your bikini on the beach. Very versatile

Honey Pumpkin, RM45

Gorgeous dress. Cant say more =D

Like Seriously, RM65

In love with this already?!