Oct 30, 2010


Dear fashionistas,

We'll be away until Monday, 1st Nov.
Have a great weekend :)

Fashionista 1001
 Beyond Retro - RM45 / RM40
 Delirious - RM30

Vamp - RM60

 Sista Closette - RM43 / RM36

Oct 29, 2010

 Creme Fraiche - RM43 / RM39

 Cocktails - RM45 / RM43

 Whatever Darl - RM60

Peep - RM49

 Cosmo Strings - RM47 / RM49

 Delirious - RM25

 Baby Be Dazzled - RM45 / RM55

 Sole Wardrobe - RM45 / RM40

Oct 28, 2010

 thepoplook.com - RM129 / RM79

 Peep - RM45

 Closet Chaos - RM68

 Beetch - RM45

 Zikkos - RM29 each

 Girls in Mode - RM75

 Like iGloo - RM50

 The Odd Loft - RM59

Sunny Sideup Closet - Vintage: Dressed up & loving it!

*picture credits to K is for Kani*
Sunny Sideup Closet has been around since 2008, bringing in vintage and contemporary clothings while ensuring style as well as quality.

We adore vintage clothes because they are unique! The design of the outfits are limited and the fabric used are gorgeous and comfy. The details of the vintage clothes are a gem as they are mostly handmade with lace finishing, crochet details and other sewing techniques!

With vintage clothings getting more in demand, Sunny Sideup Closet brings in one of a kind vintage outfits for you vintage lovers! Vintage outfits brings a feminine touch to your outfit and you can jazz it up with accessories that gives a more vibrant look to it!

*picture credits to K is for Kani*
Check out fashion blogger Kani donning outfits from Sunny Sideup Closet! Isn't she gorgeous?

Sunny Sideup Closet updates vintage clothes daily at 12pm. They'll be bringing in more vintage belts this month! We're definitely anticipating more from their store and don't miss your chance to grab those one piece clothings that you love!

 An Old Flame - RM49

 Doublewoot - RM39

 Tic Tac Toe - RM48

 Angel Glory - RM42