Sep 30, 2009

Today's favourite

Rob My Closet
Rocker jacket.
Love the cutting of the jacket. It's not too big nor too small at the sleeve area.
Plus the gold zippers adds the rocker feeling to it. Very easy to match with.
Similar to the one we saw at Zara, which is selling about RM200+
Good quality leather.
Get this at RM65 only!

Slashed Lace Leggings.
First time we've seen these around!
Lined with lace in the inside, with a peek a boo style.
Playful show of lace & some skin ;)
Grab them fast before it's gone!

The Hey Hey Hey

Remember our Marc Jacobs bunny ear feature?
The Hey Hey Hey is back with another one!
This time it's in black. Chiffon type of material if we're not mistaken.
Scrunched at the bottom for a more puffy ears look.
Classic & elegant.



Clutch bag.

Lush Serendipity - RM58
Oh Popsicles - RM29 after discount

*note- Oh Popsicles has only Shiny Black and Vintage Brown left. Plus the opening part is rounder,not studded like Lush Serendipity's.

*credits to Hopper*

Glossy Addiction

Chanel inspired style quilted bag. Loving the fine workmanship & material.
Candy coloured bottom, cute.
Classy? check.
Spacious compartments? check.
Special price for Fashionista1001 readers. Read here.


Lace dress.
Sophisticated & classy piece.
Wired at bust area for a bustier structure.
price unavailable

Sep 29, 2009

Miss Arnab

Headband in pretty blue. Made of quality cotton :)
Sweet looking piece.
RM36 inclusive of pos laju

Pineberry Boutique

Quirky tee with cute prints.


Christian Louboutin inspired black patent pump with snake skin platform.
Exquisite material & design, this pair is definitely as MUST have in every fashionistas wardrobe.

Vintage inspired Postman bag.
Made of high quality pu leather, with suede/velvet interior.
This bag is definately worth the buy with the excellent workmanship plus easy to manage compartments.


Instant love. Studded 'peace' sign.
Made of good quality soft leather. Can be used as a sling or a handbag.
Big space to throw everything in.

Sinful Patchwork

Nautical stipes. Wrapped shoulder played around with to be a off shoulder or toga.
Showing off your broad sexy shoulders.

Sep 28, 2009

So addictive that you'll want more ;D

& no, we ain't talking about food ;)

Glossy Addiction

*examples of bags that they've brought in*

The girls from Glossy Addiction never fail to bring in the latest fashionable bags and really practical everyday use ones as well. That's what we love about them ;)

Self confessed bagaholic, the blogshop owner sure have a great taste in bags don't you think? Classy, sophisticated, simple, rocker are an example of the stylish bags that she brings in.
Catering for all walks of fashion :D

Aside from bags, they bring in clothes as well! Bet you didn't know that!
Let's take a look at the pieces that she has brought in.

Chiffon floral dress. Soft flowy material, suitable to wear out during this hot & humid season. Babydoll style gives a very feminine feeling, plus sweet embroideries at the top bust area.
You also can pair it off with leggings and clincher if you find the dress tad short :D RM59

Floral tube dress. Pretty florals accompanied with two layers of it makes this dress beautifully sweet. Adjustable waistline to show your curves. Laced at the edge of the dress, how many more sweetness can we have? RM45

Stripes dress. A one piece where the top is striped, giving it a sporty feeling and the bottom ruffled skirt, adding a touch of feminine to it. RM45

Simple tube top. Comes with the detachable sash. Very classic tube top and yet you can be very creative with this outfit especially the sash. You can tie it at the bust area to give a more appealing illusion or you can intertwine it at the neckline. RM49

A simple off shoulder top, this is a must have in every girls basic wardrobe! Very versatile as you can wear it for any occasion. The buttons at the bottoms gives more style to this basic outfit. RM45

Floral v-neck spaghetti. Sweet floral motifs printed on this piece. Smocked back with zipper to provide the perfect fit for you ladies. Who doesn't love clothes that fit perfectly?RM49

Casual top with cute prints. Suited pretty much for everyday wear, suits those who wants something casual & simple but fun at the same time. Who could resists those cute prints? RM29

Most of the clothings are basic but we love them! Practical for everyday wear, we need not go through the indecisive hassle to look for the perfect outfit. All of them are chic and comfortable!

Just when we thought that we couldn't get enough of these pieces, they've also came up with

Glossy Steals

Glossy Steals is where they place all their last piece items for clearance at a markdown price!
Awesome no?

Denim Halter dress. Lovely lace detail at the bust area with smocked waist for the perfect fit.
Very feminine & sweet style. Wear this on your date or to the beach ;)
RM39 after markdown

Sexy v-neck top. Simple outfit yet sexy with the revealing neckline plus ruffles up to the shoulders area. RM29 after markdown.

Handpicked by the blogshop owner, the quality of the clothes are rest assured :)


We've some good news for you fashionistas for the month for October!

Glossy addiction will be having promotions for the entire month:
1. Free postage for ALL clothings (1 pc- Pos Express , 2pcs or more- Pos Laju)
2. Price Markdowns for the Entire Month! (except for items at Glossy Steals as they're at markdown prices already)

Don't get too excited yet because...

there's also rewards for all of you loyal Fashionista 1001 readers!

Casual buttoned down jumper. Wear it over a cardigan and you're off to go ;)
Special price for Fashionista 1001 readers: RM39 including pos express!
Normal price- RM48 (Save up RM9 for this top as well as postage!)

it doesn't end here as well!

Fashionista 1001 readers are also entitled RM5 off all bags on sale!

To prove that you're a Fashionista1001 reader just follow these simple steps:
1. Follow us with Goggle Friend Connect or Subscribe to us
2. State in the email to Glossy Addiction 'I'm a Fashionista1001 reader'

Just by following these 2 steps, you're on your way to enjoying discounts!

Visit Glossy Addiction now!


Miss OCD - RM76
Orange Little - RM80 (free postage)

Miss OCD - RM50
My Vintage Garden - RM49
Clothesbucket - RM43

Floral lace dress.
Lace & floral, both are perfect altogether .
The floral prints compliments the lace, giving this dress a very feminine look.
Smocked at the waist area to give you curves.
Vintage & sweet at the same time.
Pretty, we would say.
AUD 39.5

Gold brass trumpet neckalce.
Vintage inspired.


Updated with many basic tees!
We love basic stuff. They're so easy to pair with!
Just wear these funky printed tees paired with skinnys, sneakers and some chunky bangles ;)
Shirts and tanks are sold from RM30-RM38


A Quickie Lunch Post

Marc Jacobs with his Louis Vuitton bunny ears from the Fall/Winter 2009 collection!
This trend is such a craze overseas and celebrities like Madonna were spotted with it.

Magazine covers & photoshoots are proudly displayed with the bunny ears.

Maison Michel came up with the lace version of the bunny ears.
The Olsen twins were spotted with it. So does Lady Gaga in a magazine photoshoot.

We actually think they're quite adorable!
We think that most of you wouldn't dare to wear this out the streets just like that.
Imagine the crazy stares!
Unless of course, wearing it to a costume party which is coming up :P *Halloween!*

Some of you fashionistas, we're sure that you would challenge the norm by proudly wearing this adorable bunny ears headband.
Be proud by making a statement ;)

Are you interested in getting one?
Do not fret that you wouldn't be able to find one as we've something similar bought in by:

The Hey Hey Hey

Pretty hue of purple, this headband is a match for outfits of all colour!
Laced up with pretty floral stitches, it's as though flowers are growing off your head ;D
Ain't it sweet?

Wear it wherever you want!
Smoky eye make up paired with a LBD, high heels & the bunny ears headband. Perfect.

We've featured them previously here & now they're back with their updates!

Gold heart shaped charm. Very classic & unique piece.