Sep 25, 2009

Stephanie's Collection

Stephanie Fong

I guess that most of you fashionistas are already familiar with Stephanie Fong's accessories?
To those who don't, no worries. Let us introduce you to her blogshop ;)

Based in Penang, all of Stephanie's accessories are handmade by her and carefully designed. Made with love! :D

*some of her previous collection*

What we love about Stephanie's handmade jewelery is that they're all one of a kind! Stunningly gorgeous items, we can't get our eyes off them! Each piece tells its own story and has its own characteristics- depending on personal preference, style and how you interpret that particular accessory. Don't you think so? ;)

We also love the fact that her handmade items are carefully detailed, leaving behind no flaws!
Achieving almost perfection in her accessories, they never fail to amaze us. Some of her accessory designs are simple but yet they're complete in detailing.

When you wear these accessories out. You're not just wearing it because you love the design, but it's because it is a part of you. Channeling your vibe towards others ;D


Okay, enough of our babbles. We've got some sneak preview of Stephanie Fong's next collection which is coming up during this weekend!!! Awesome or what?

Turquoise & blue crystal beads with teardrop shaped bead necklace. RM38
A simple piece yet the colours are outstanding.

Golden two layered necklace with floral & fairy charms. RM35
Gold & red. Nice combination of colours. The red flower steals the show ;) But no doubt they compliment each other well.

Bronze coin shaped necklace with crystal & ribbon details. RM25
Peach coloured flower necklace. RM28

Maroon/ Blood red floral ring. RM28
Victorian inspired. We love the great detailing of the flower!

Floral hair clips. RM10 each.
For those who opt for something simpler. These sweet looking hair clips is perfect for everyday wear!

Are you excited yet?

Head over to Stephanie's here!

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