Jun 15, 2010

Advertorial: Survival tips in the fashion jungle!

Feeling lost in this huge, wild and exciting world of fashion? Take hint of this survival tip :P

Accessories play an important role of completing or spicing up your outfit! A simple touch of magic will do wonders to a plain outfit. Bags, bracelets, chunky bangles and necklaces gives everyone the opportunity to mix and match and be creative with their outfits!

The Survival Store offers a great selection of items that caters for your individual style! Updated with the latest collection of bags, you would not be disappointed with the various designs for you to choose from. Each and every bag has its own personality that might be compatible with yours! Funky, rocker chic and vintage are examples of what you can get from The Survival Store!

Survived the fashion ordeal yet? :)

The Survival Store is now giving you the opportunity to survive with the promotion of RM5 off all handbags! Hurry up and don't miss your chance to grab this offer which is until 18th June!

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