Jun 25, 2010

Ancient Orchids 2nd Anniversary Contest !!

Its Ancient Orchids 2nd anniversary and thus they'd like to celebrate it by holding
2 contest . Prizes of up to RM395 worth of cash voucher/clothes from Ancient Orchids to be given away !!!

What is required ?

Competition 1 - Create a Header for Ancient Orchids
Competition 2 - Create a Linking/Side Banner for Ancient Orchids

In order to participate, your Header/ Linking Banner should
  • be one that is in tandem with Ancient Orchids website
  • be your own original work/creation
  • be a piece of artwork that blends in well with our web-page

Deadline ?

15 days from today. All entries should reach us by 11.30pm on the 9th of July 2010.

Is there a Reward ?
  • Prize for best header = A RM120 voucher from Ancient Orchids
  • Prize for best Linking/Side banner = RM70 voucher from Ancient Orchids
  • There will be 3 consolation prizes for the the next 3 best header creation worth RM35 of voucher each from Ancient Orchids
  • There will also be 5 consolation prizes worth RM20 voucher each for the next 5 best linking/side banners
  • All vouchers are redeemable against the clothes available from Ancient Orchids only
  • Stand a chance to have your work of art 'engraved' into our webpage =)

Rules and Regulations ?
  • This contest is open to anyone within Malaysia
  • No pre-fixed theme, but pls create an appropriately suited theme to match our website
  • The sizing of the header should be able to fit in, and be in the usual size/resolution
  • Linking/side banners should be in the appropriate sizing/file type (no particular choice)
  • Graphical side banners are allowed
  • A single participant may participate in both competitions
  • Mail you entries to ancientorchids@yahoo.com latest by 11.30pm, 9th of July 2010.
  • Winners will be notified 2 days after the deadline =)

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