Nov 6, 2010

Lil White Crane: Outfits for this holiday season!

 The holiday season are sweeping in and it's time for you to grab some outfits for this season especially with so many events coming up!

 Lil White Crane has updated with their new collection of outfits that is suitable for this upcoming holiday season! Pretty outfits ranging from casual to formal which you can mix and match with accessories and awesome heels!

 Take a look a this cheeky dress showing off your sexy back with the cute ribbon. Perfect for dinner and parties!

Lil White Crane brings in various items to cater for different individuals to suit your personal taste. Quality apparels with reasonable prices is how Lil White Crane strive to provide their best to their customers!

Pretty ruffled black dress which can be paired with a blazer and viola you're off for work! Jazz it up with accessories for the night :) Soft and flowy floral dress for everyday wear!

Lil White Crane is giving away free postage within Malaysia if you purchase 3 items and above! Don't miss your chance to grab these gorgeous dresses!

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